“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

The Progessive Liberals are GETTING ANXIOUS!

Oct 292014
Millennials Bolt Obama for GOP in Midterms

[National Journal] In a stunning turnaround, likely voters in the so-called millennial generation prefer a Republican-led Congress after next week’s elections, and young Hispanics are turning sharply against President Obama.

A new national poll of 18-to-29-year-olds by Harvard’s Institute of Politics shows that young Americans are leaving the new Democratic coalition that twice elected Obama. The news is little better for the GOP: These voters, who more than any other voting bloc represent the future of the American electorate, generally hold Republicans in the lowest regard.

The long-view IOP findings suggest that neither party is poised to win the largest generation in U.S. history—a pragmatic, demanding, relatively nonideological electorate raised in an age of terrorism, war, and government dysfunction. –Read More…

Oct 292014
My Fellow Americans: RAGE to stop THE DYING OF THE LIGHT OF LIBERTY IN 2014

[LibertyNewsOnline.com] From the moment I stood in the lobby of the Pheasant Run Hotel and Conference Center in St. Charles Illinois on the morning of November 11, 2009, I knew that this would be an important gathering of American citizens. By the end of the day, more than one hundred and twenty delegates from 48 states had arrived and we began the deliberations of the Continental Congress 2009 that would last 11 days.

All of the delegates had high hopes that something good would come from this effort; something that would help the America people find their way at this crucial time in our history. No one could have predicted the things that took place over those eleven days and no one who attended would ever be the same. American citizens from 48 of these united States, from all walks of life, had come together in a people’s congress to devise a plan to return America to Constitutional government. –Read More…

Oct 282014
Democrats Can Run But They Can’t Hide From Barack Obama

[American Spectator] The great boxing champion Joe Louis once said about one of his opponents, who was known for his speed: “He can run but he can’t hide.” In the Congressional elections this year, many Democrats are running away from Barack Obama, but they can’t hide their record of voting for Obama’s agenda more than 90 percent of the time.

Now that the Western democracies have learned the hard way what the consequences are when you admit all sorts of people into your country — including people who hate both the principles and the people of your society — will that cause zealots for open borders and amnesty to have some second thoughts, or perhaps first thoughts?

I hope Yankees manager Joe Girardi was watching the World Series when Madison Bumgarner was allowed to come out and pitch the 9th inning, even though he had already made 107 pitches. Time and again, Girardi has taken out a pitcher who was pitching a great game, and brought in a reliever who lost it. Baseball statistics provide good rules of thumb, but bad dogmas on a given day. –Read More…

Oct 282014
Obama Crushes State Ebola Quarantines

[RushLimbaugh.com] RUSH: Okay. So let me see if I understand this. The states want to set up their own Ebola quarantines. Why would they want to do that? That’s because they don’t trust the federal government’s quarantine protocols, right? That means they don’t trust the CDC. That means they don’t trust Obama, the Ebola czar, who has yet to make an appearance. They had a 27-member meeting, though, they had an Ebola meeting with 27 people, problem solved.
So one week before the election we have here a bunch of states that are deciding to do their own quarantines, and the Regime is flipping out. Obama and his gang are flipping out. They want to be in total control of the quarantines. So one week before the election, once again, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has caved. We need to quarantine Chris Christie is what needs to happen here, folks. This is the second election in a row. One week prior to the election, the governor of New Jersey ends up — well, I don’t know arm in arm, hand in hand, in bed with? I don’t know how to characterize it, but responding to Obama’s demands. I’m sorry. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but (laughing) I really think the Republicans ought to make sure that Governor Christie gets quarantined. … –Read More…

Oct 272014
Gunman at Washington state school targeted his cousins, relative says; third student dies

[CNN.com] When a teenage gunman opened fire at students in a high school cafeteria in Washington state, a relative said, he was not shooting at random targets.

Jaylen Fryberg, who witnesses said gunned down students at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, is the cousin of two of the wounded. “All three of them are cousins, and they live right close to each other,” Don Hatch told CNN affiliate KOMO.

His 14-year-old grandson, Nate Hatch, is among four wounded in the rampage Friday that left Fryberg and a female student dead. –Read More…

Oct 272014
The battle for the future in Wisconsin

[HumanEvents.com] The battle for the future is happening now in Wisconsin. Scott Walker is running for Governor of Wisconsin for the third time in four years. He was first elected in November 2010, 52.3 to 46.5 percent, sweeping in his wake a Republican House and Senate in the state legislature.

When he signed Act 10 which reformed public sector unionism the government union bosses went ballistic and paid gatherers to collect the 540,208 signatures necessary to recall Walker. In Wisconsin a recall forces a new election and Walker ran for re-election 19 months after his first election against Democrat Tom Barrett. Walker won with 53.1 percent of the vote becoming the first American governor to survive a recall election. Now, Walker is running for a more-traditional re-election campaign and the polls suggest the race is up for grabs. Every single part of the Left’s coalition has a stake in driving a stake into the political career of Governor Scott Walker. –Read More…

Oct 242014
Police respond to shooting at Washington state high school


A student believed to be the shooter is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot to the head, police told The Seattle Times.

Local television stations reported that two people were being airlifted to a hospital. Details of the shooting were not immediately clear, but students could be seen exiting the school with their arms raised.

The shooting, at the school 35 miles north of Seattle, was first reported at 10:45 a.m.

The Marysville School District said in a statement that “Marysville Pilchuck High School is currently in lock down due to an emergency situation. Police and emergency services have responded.” –Read More…

Oct 242014
Gov. Cuomo: Ebola Doctor Patient Went Bowling, Took Cab, Rode Subway, But No Reason to 'Worry'

[CNSNews.com] According to New York City Health Commissioner Mary Travis Bassett, Spencer “completed his work in Guinea on the 12 of October and left Guinea on the 14th of October via Europe (Brussels), where he arrived in United States at JFK Airport on the 17th of October.”

“[T]hroughout his journey home to the United States, he was well with no symptoms,” Bassett said. “When he arrived in United States, he was also well with no symptoms. And he, being a medical doctor undertook to check his temperature twice a day, which he has done since he departed from Guinea.”

On Oct. 21, “he began feeling somewhat tired,” Bassett said, but “the actual symptoms” — including a fever — developed sometime between 10 and 11 a.m. Thursday morning.

–Read More…

Oct 242014
Bristol Palin, Chrissy Teigen, and the misogyny of the American Left

[RedState.com] This week has provided an interesting example of how, in the left’s mind, the famed #WarOnWomen only pertains to women who are on the left or with whom they have sympathy.

Earlier in the week, the infamous Palin family brawl that eventually saw 24 year old Bristol Palin knocked down, was a news item. This was a shameful incident by any standards. But what was more shameful was the way it was treated by the left.

For instance, sexual deviant and Palin family gynecological expert, Andrew Sullivan, after extensively quoting the most obscene language in the police report had this to say:

Except this: every time you see John McCain on television, remember that this is what he intended to bring within a heart beat of the presidency. This is the man’s judgment. As he lectures us about the need for more wars, and the Beltway media kowtows to his authority, remember that. –Read More…

Oct 232014
Boehner Goes Big On Executive Amnesty: 'Obama Administration Hiding the Truth'

[Breitbart.com] The Obama administration is trying to keep the truth from the American people about what it has planned on immigration, House Speaker John Boehner’s office declared Thursday, in part citing Breitbart News’ reporting on the administration’s quiet preparations for a “surge” of immigrant IDs.

“Obama Administration Hiding the Truth about Immigration Actions,” a Speaker’s office memo authored by Boehner spokesman Matt Wolking reads.

“After delaying his announcement until after the election, President Obama promised liberal activists he will go around Congress and grant amnesty by executive action ‘between the November elections and the end of the year.’” Wolking wrote. “In response, Speaker Boehner denounced the president’s scheme to hide the truth from the public, saying, “The American people deserve honesty, transparency, and accountability,” –Read More…

Oct 232014
Canada Parliament Suspect Identified as a Convert to Islam

[Newsmax.com] A gunman attacked Canada’s parliament on Wednesday, with gunfire erupting near a room where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was speaking, and a soldier was fatally shot at a nearby war memorial, jolting the Canadian capital.

The gunman in the parliament building was shot dead, and Harper was safely removed.

Witnesses said a flurry of shots were fired after a gunman entered the parliament building, pursued by police.

The assault took place very near the room where Harper was meeting with members of his Conservative party, a government minister said. –Read More…

Oct 222014
Michael Brown Autopsy A Further Blow To #Ferguson Racial Narrative

[LegalInsurrection.com] Gunpowder stippling found inside injury strongly suggests Brown’s hand was on Wilson’s pistol when it fired.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has obtained and released the official autopsy report of Mike Brown, the black man shot and killed by Police Officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, MO this past August. (The autopsy report is embedded below.)

The item in the report that perhaps sheds the greatest light on the circumstances of the shooting is the evidence that Mike Brown has a gunshot wound to the inside of his right hand near his thumb and palm that appears to be a contact gunshot wound. This would be consistent with the police narrative that Brown was fighting with Officer Wilson for possession of his service pistol when the shot was fired. –Read More…

Oct 222014
Gunmen shoot soldier at Canadian parliament, shots fired inside Parliament Hill

[HotAir.com] Update: 3rd site shooting; one gunman dead, soldier dies A gunman shot a Canadian soldier standing guard at a war memorial, then went inside the Parliament Hill building where the government convenes this morning. Dramatic video from the Globe and Mail shows police officers returning fire, which reportedly killed the suspect…

The crack of gunshots rang through the halls of Parliament Hill’s Centre Block on Wednesday after a gunman fired on soldiers guarding Canada’s main war memorial, sending MPs into hiding and all federal government buildings into lockdown.

Eyewitnesses said an armed man with long black hair emerged at the National War Memorial, fired about four times‎, and a guard went down. The gunman, who an eyewitness said was carrying what appeared to be a rifle, then ran toward Parliament Hill. … –Read More…

Oct 212014
Hypocrisy is the Tribute Democrats Pay to Getting Elected

[RedState.com] Now of course, if you’ve paid attention to the news and you aren’t a bought and paid for partisan hack (or heck, probably even if you are one of those) you will recall that the last time we heard from this nefarious monster named “reconciliation” was… back when the Democrats used it to pass Obamacare. As Allahpundith notes:

Turns out history for the left didn’t begin on January 20, 2009 but rather in April 2010 or thereabouts. In fact, the ObamaCare omission here is so egregious, it reminds me in an odd way of those creepy liberal revisionist histories in which JFK somehow ends up dead at the hands of the right-wing city of Dallas while his left-wing assassin is conveniently airbrushed into oblivion. They used reconciliation to pass what’s arguably the most momentous piece of domestic policy of the past 50 years, and now, the instant Republicans use it for anything, the tactic will be deemed de facto cheating — despite endless leftist screeching since 2009 that we should probably go ahead and jettison the archaic 60-vote threshold for cloture entirely. You keep smiling, guys. –Read More…

Oct 212014
Ted Cruz Announces Presidential Agenda Disguised as Plan for GOP Congress

[National Journal] The Republican senator knows exactly what his party should do if it takes over Congress next year. It’s what he plans to do as president.

If the GOP sweeps Congress in November, Ted Cruz has a plan for his fellow congressional Republicans. But just underneath the proposed legislation and pointers on policy is a preview of Cruz 2016.

In an op-ed in USA Today, the Republican senator from Texas and near-certain 2016 presidential candidate laid out what he says should be congressional Republicans’ top priorities in 2015. The GOP now has a 68 percent chance of gaining the Senate in the midterms, according to The New York Times, and the party’s continued control of the House is all but assured. Cruz’s plan is ostensibly an action guide for his peers in Congress, 10 “critical priorities for the 2015 Congress.” –Read More…

Oct 202014
The next Bill Ayers and his socialist Super PAC

[HumanEvents.com] Harvard Law School Professor Larry Lessig and President Barack Obama are birds of a feather. They both joined the faculty at the University of Chicago Law School in 1991 with similar goals and almost identical political objectives. They were part of the new wave of young radicals who wanted to use the law to reshape America and its culture. And they have worked in tandem in pursuit of their dreams ever since.

Fast forward to today and Lessig is focusing his energies on undermining a key pillar of American democracy, free speech. He has started the “SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs”. As he asserts in his own video: “we want to spend big money to end the influence of big money … embrace the irony.” Well, here’s something not so ironic, his PAC is called “MayDay PAC”, as in the annual holiday to celebrate socialism. MayDay bills itself as a “crowd-funded non-partisan Super PAC” that loads its staff with the far left and pays them with the “big money” they are so opposed to. Lenin would be ashamed. –Read More…

Oct 202014
Politico Poll: 64% Believe America Is 'Out of Control'

[Breitbart.com] “An overwhelming majority of voters in the most competitive 2014 elections say it feels as if events in the United States are ‘out of control’ and expressed mounting alarm about terrorism, anxiety about Ebola and harsh skepticism of both political parties only three weeks before the Nov. 4 midterms,” reports Politico.

The poll, which surveyed states and districts in the most competitive congressional races, found that 64% of Americans believe “things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.”

Specifically, the poll found that 84% of voters believe the Islamic State (ISIS) represents a “serious” threat to America. Just 12% said ISIS terrorists do not pose a serious threat. –Read More…

Oct 192014
Democrats in About-Face, Now Calling for Ebola Travel Bans

[Newsmax.com] Democrats are now sounding more like Republicans on the Ebola crisis, with candidates in critical races calling this week for travel bans to avoid being tied to yet another Obama administration debacle as Election Day nears.

“It is just common sense that we need a travel ban from West Africa,” Democratic pollster and analyst Doug Schoen told Newsmax on Saturday. “And Democrats have realized that in tight Senate races that hang in the balance it is common sense, not partisanship, that gives them the best chance of getting elected.”

This is particularly acute “in a year where the president’s job approval is at or below 40 percent in swing states,” Schoen said.

Perhaps the biggest flip-flop came on Friday, when North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan called for a West African ban — two days after dismissing it as a way to contain the deadly disease. –Read More…

Oct 172014
ISIS Training Pilots in Three Captured Jets: Syria Monitor

[Newsmax.com] Iraqi pilots who have joined Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria are training members of the group to fly in three captured fighter jets, a group monitoring the war said on Friday, saying it was the first time that the militant group had taken to the air.

The group, which has seized land in Syria and Iraq, has been flying the planes over the captured al-Jarrah military airport east of Aleppo, said Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human

U.S-led forces are bombing ISIS bases in Syria and Iraq. The group has regularly used weaponry captured from the Syrian and Iraqi armies and has overrun several military bases but this was the first time it had been able to pilot warplanes.

“They have trainers, Iraqi officers who were pilots before for (former Iraqi president) Saddam Hussein,” Abdulrahman said. –Read More…

Oct 172014
See, I Told You So: Voters are Fed Up with Democrats, But They're Not Becoming Republicans

[RushLimbaugh.com] RUSH ARCHIVE: People are fed up with the Democrats. They’re fed up with Obamacare and foreign policy. They’re fed up with everything. They’re going to vote for the other guys. They’re not voting for conservatives. By necessity they’re voting Republican, but they’re not voting ideologically.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this. Eight years of Reagan and yet the voters are easily fooled to returning to liberalism. There was no protest when the liberals came along and started raising taxes, making everything worse, destroying jobs, what they always do, wrecking the culture. No protests. People voted for it. And my conclusion is that voters never, other than Reagan, the lone example, never affirmatively vote for conservatism because it’s never really presented to them. It’s presented to them by me and Fox News on some occasions and other so-called new media, but it’s not presented to voters by the Republican Party. –Read More…

Oct 142014
Feds warn of possible ISIS-inspired attacks on police, government officials, media

[FoxNews.com] WASHINGTON – Federal officials are warning U.S. law enforcement about the threat of Islamic State-inspired terror attacks against police officers, government workers and “media figures” in the U.S.

In a joint intelligence bulletin sent to law enforcement and confirmed by Fox News, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security warned about the Islamic State’s calls on social media forums for violence.

A senior intelligence official told Fox News the bulletin was sent Saturday. “I requested it as a duty to warn and as an officer safety matter given ISIL’s continued statements on forums and in social media to conduct homeland attacks and to target law enforcement, government and intelligence agencies,” the official said, adding that “FBI investigator” was specifically mentioned in one post.

–Read More…

Oct 142014
Ebola: Truth, Lies, Human Error, and Common Sense

[American Thinker] With daily headlines featuring the world “Ebola,” fear is in the air. Along with confusion.

Many Americans are worried about Ebola spreading and becoming a serious threat. And many of us are skeptical about what the Obama administration is saying on the matter. Which leaves a lot of people feeling uncertain.

I’m one of those people and I set about trying to learn more about the virus and how it spreads, delving into areas where information has been lacking and/or has been conflicting. This is what I learned. With daily headlines featuring the world “Ebola,” fear is in the air. Along with confusion.

Many more Americans are worried about Ebola spreading and becoming a serious threat. And many of us are skeptical about what the Obama administration is saying on the matter. Which leaves a lot of people feeling uncertain. IN DEPTH REPORT: –Read More…

Mid-Term Elections just weeks away

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