“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

This is why the LEFT indicted Rick Perry!

The Progessive Liberals are GETTING ANXIOUS!

Aug 212014
Ferguson, Missouri, police officer suffered

[Cleveland.com] FERGUSON, Missouri – Sources close to Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson have told two media outlets the officer suffered “a serious facial injury” just before shooting and killing unarmed teen Michael Brown Aug. 9.

A source close to Wilson who spoke to ABC News today said during the struggle at the patrol car, Wilson suffered “a serious facial injury.”

Wilson suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department’s top brass told FoxNews.com.

“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”

Last week, Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Wilson had swelling to the side of his face.

–Read More…

Aug 212014
 EBOLA UPDATE:  Americans who contracted Ebola in Liberia have been released from the hospital

[Washington Post] American doctor Kent Brantly and North Carolina missionary Nancy Writebol, both of whom contracted Ebola while treating infected Liberian patients, have been released from an Atlanta hospital. Writebol was discharged from Emory University Hospital on Tuesday and Brantly was released on Thursday.

“Today is a miraculous day,” Brantly said at an Emory news conference. “I am thrilled to be alive, to be well and to be reunited with my family.”

Both Writebol and Brantly underwent rigorous blood and urine tests to ensure that the virus was no longer present.

“The medical staff is confident that the discharge of both patients from this hospital poses no public health threat,” said Bruce Ribner, medical director of Emory’s Infectious Disease Unit, who led the team that treated both patients. –Read More…

Aug 202014
More Trouble for Eric Holder? Judge Resurrects Fast and Furious Scandal With Order Against DOJ

[TheBlaze.com] A federal judge resurrected the dormant Fast and Furious scandal by ordering the Justice Department to provide additional documents to House investigators probing the botched gun walking program.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the DOJ must turn over a privilege log of Operation Fast and Furious documents to the House by Oct. 1.

The privileged logs were among the thousands of pages of documents the Justice Department withheld from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee during its investigation that has been going on since 2011.

The judge’s order requires the department to produce all non-privileged documents and a detailed description of privileged documents. The committee will have until Oct. 17 to object to any withheld documents, according to a committee news release. –Read More…

Aug 202014
Missouri cop was badly beaten before shooting Michael Brown, says source

[FoxNews.com] Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo., police officer whose fatal shooting of Michael Brown touched off more than a week of demonstrations, suffered severe facial injuries, including an orbital (eye socket) fracture, and was nearly beaten unconscious by Brown moments before firing his gun, a source close to the department’s top brass told FoxNews.com.

“The Assistant (Police) Chief took him to the hospital, his face all swollen on one side,” said the insider. “He was beaten very severely.”

According to the well-placed source, Wilson was coming off another case in the neighborhood on Aug. 9 when he ordered Michael Brown and his friend Dorain Johnson to stop walking in the middle of the road because they were obstructing traffic. However, the confrontation quickly escalated into physical violence, the source said. –Read More…

Aug 192014
Obama, the Islamic State and Christian Crucifixions (Part 1)

[Townhall.com] Pundits and news agencies have questioned the validity of reports that the Islamic State is beheading children in its conquest of Syria and Iraq. But there is one fact that can’t be contested: The Sunni-dominated al-Qaida splinter group is on a war rampage using some of the most heinous and barbaric means to exterminate anyone who opposes it, particularly Christians.

In 2011, President Barack Obama declared, “The long war in Iraq will come to an end by the end of this year.” The only thing he didn’t count on was that the terrorist enemies of the U.S. decided not to also call it quits on the war.

Last Wednesday, Obama called it quits again with combat operations in Iraq — or the dropping-bombs-and-not-calling-it-combat-operations operations. –Read More…

Aug 192014
Obama Facing Legal Firestorm as Holder Dispatched to Ferguson

[Newsmax.com] President Barack Obama has few options to directly address the grievances at the heart of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

The main avenue available to the administration is a federal civil-rights investigation, and Obama is dispatching Attorney General Eric Holder to the St. Louis suburb in a show of commitment to an aggressive inquiry into the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a local police officer.

In announcing that Holder would meet with federal and local authorities on the case tomorrow, Obama is showing the federal government’s interest without reaching conclusions or promising results.

–Read More…

Aug 182014
Texas Gov. Perry rejects power abuse indictment as ‘politically motivated’

[RT.com] Texas Governor Rick Perry, a potential Republican Presidential candidate in 2016, has announced that he will fight allegations of power abuse against him, calling the accusations a political move that rips away the very fabric of the US constitution.

“This indictment amounts to nothing more than an abuse of power and I cannot, and I will not allow that to happen,” Perry said in Austin, Texas, adding that he stands by his use of the veto power which ended in charges being laid against him.

“We don’t settle political differences with indictments in this country. It is outrageous that some would use partisan political theatrics to rip away at the very fabric of our state’s constitution,” he added.

–Read More…

Aug 182014
Medical Examiner: Fatal Bullet Moved From Back To Front Of Brown’s Head

[DailyCaller.com] The bullet that struck Michael Brown fatally in the head was moving from a back to front direction, and Brown appeared to have fallen straight forward onto the ground after he was shot, one of the medical examiners who conducted an independent autopsy tells The Daily Caller.

“The shot to the head was going downward and slightly back to front,” said Prof. Shawn Parcells in a phone interview, clarifying comments he made shortly after he and Dr. Michael Baden announced Brown’s autopsy results at a press conference on Monday.

“When it entered the top of the head it was going in a slight frontal direction,” Parcells told TheDC. –Read More…

Aug 182014
Dershowitz: Perry Indictment 'What Happens in Totalitarian Societies'

[Newsmax.com] The indictment of Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry over abuse of powers is reminiscent of the way that political dissent was handled in the Soviet Union, legal scholar and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.”

Dershowitz, who make clear he would never vote for Rick Perry, said the governor’s indictment was driven by politics and is representative of “what happens in totalitarian societies.” He said disagreement with Perry’s actions is “not the basis of what a criminal charge should be,” adding that Americans have the ability to “vote against him” if they don’t like his actions.

“The two statutes under which he was indicted are reminiscent of the old Soviet Union, you know, abuse of authority,” Dershowitz said Monday. “The idea of indicting him because he threatened to veto spending unless a district attorney who was caught drinking and driving resigned, that’s not anything for a criminal indictment. That’s a political issue.” –Read More…

Aug 152014
Police: Teen shot in Ferguson was suspect in robbery Officer in deadly confrontation identified

[WND.com] Authorities in Ferguson, Missouri, who experienced their first night without significant rioting since last weekend, revealed the black teen who was killed by a police officer was a suspect in a convenience store robbery shortly before the fatal confrontation.

The name of the officer who fired the shots also was revealed.

KMOX-TV in St. Louis reported Ferguson police said Friday it was Officer Darren Wilson who shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown, who apparently was unarmed.

–Read More…

Aug 152014
Lawmakers Want to End Transfers of Military Equipment to Police

[Newsmax.com] U.S. lawmakers alarmed by the aggressive police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri, are pushing for Congress to limit the Pentagon’s ability to provide civilian police departments with military equipment such as armored vehicles designed for the battlefield.Georgia Democrat Hank Johnson wrote colleagues in the House of Representatives this week seeking support for legislation to curtail a program that passes surplus equipment from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to municipal U.S. police forces, free of charge.

Because of the program “our local police are quickly beginning to resemble paramilitary forces,” Johnson said.

Three other Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee wrote to Chairman Bob Goodlatte, a Republican, to ask for a committee hearing on “recent incidents of local law enforcement using excessive force.” They pointed to events in Ferguson, where demonstrators have protested the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by police, and elsewhere. –Read More…

Aug 142014
Militarized police deployed into Ferguson riots while Obama parties hearty

[HumanEvents.com] Barack Obama had a great time not giving a damn about anything happening in the world last night. Don’t take my word for it – his deputy press secretary sent out what might be one of the most ill-conceived Tweets in the history of social media, letting everyone know that Obama’s party with the ultra-rich was a total blast:

Even the French have begun muttering that “when people are dying, you must come back from vacation.” But our President-of-leisure has no intention on sacrificing the lush perks of the office to deal with little things like war and genocide in Iraq – American boots are indeed on the ground now, with Marine and special forces troops hitting Mount Sinjar where the Yazidis are trapped – or the once-more hot war in Gaza, or the Russians getting ready to make a move on Ukraine… or even violent civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, where a fourth night of rioting brought a very forceful response from militarized police forces.

While Obama clinked champagne glasses in Martha’s Vineyard and got ready for a “hug summit” with a chastened Hillary Clinton – smacked down hard by Obama’s hatchet men after trying to position herself, absurdly, as a critic of the foreign policy she helped implement – the beverages served in Ferguson included Molotov cocktails. –Read More…

Aug 142014
Siege Lifted, Rescue Mission 'More Unlikely,' U.S. Special Forces Team Rescue Being Mulled by Obama

[Townhall.com] As the Yazidi religious minority anguishes in the mountains of northern Iraq, plans for a rescue mission were being mulled by the Obama administration, according to the Wall Street Journal:

Since last week, the U.S. has sought to halt the militants’ advance on the Kurdish city of Erbil and to relieve Yazidis trapped by the fighters on a barren mountain range through a campaign of airstrikes and aid drops.

A rescue mission could expose U.S. forces to direct fire from the militant group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, and that is a risk Mr. Obama may not be willing to accept.

–Read More…

Aug 132014
Rift grows between Obama, media as press groups blast administration ‘spin’

[FoxNews.com] While Congress is on recess and President Obama vacations in Martha’s Vineyard, a coalition of free press groups is escalating an already-aggressive campaign against the Obama administration for allegedly freezing out the press and cracking down on reporters.

The flood of critical letters and petitions and statements from First Amendment groups marks a new level of tension in a relationship that for years has been deteriorating. Though Obama, as a candidate in 2008, was widely seen to enjoy favorable media treatment, his administration now is fielding accusations that it’s one of the least transparent in history.

Society of Professional Journalists President David Cuillier, in a statement earlier this week, blasted the administration for what he called “excessive message management and preventing journalists from getting information on behalf of citizens.” –Read More…

Aug 132014
Robin Williams’ friend reveals actor resented having to do new Mrs Doubtfire

[UK Telegraph] By Josie Ensor, Tiburon, California | (h/t) Drudge Report: ‘Doubtfire did it’

Robin Williams resented having to work on films such as the second Mrs Doubtfire but felt compelled in order to keep money coming in, a close friend of the actor has told the Telegraph.

Williams, who had been working on four projects when he was believed to have taken his own life this week, was said to have been dreading making more films as they “brought out his demons”.

He had committed to starring in sequels to the hugely successful Mrs Doubtfire and Night in the Museum, as well as comedy Merry Friggin’ Christmas, and the drama Boulevard. –Read More…

Aug 122014
China beating U.S. to punch on EMP warfare - Beijing drills to prep for attacks, while America still vulnerable

[WND.com] WASHINGTON – Though the U. S. government has been slow to protect America’s electrical grid from a potentially catastrophic electromagnetic event, it appears the Chinese are working to guard their own, as demonstrated by an ongoing drill the People’s Liberation Army is running until mid-August.

The drill is designed to determine how the PLA will respond in the event of an attack including the use of an electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, from a foreign country. Right now, the most likely suspect would be the United States, in the eyes of the PLA, since Beijing and Moscow seem to be getting even more closely intertwined economically as well as militarily.

These drills, which the Chinese military describes as the largest ever, have already disrupted flights at major Chinese airports. For example, one of the exercises was a simulated EMP attack targeting communications and radar systems. In the simulated attacks the official army newspaper said there were “heavy airstrikes,” including “electronic disturbance teams” and “chemical weapons drills.” –Read More…

Aug 122014
Report: ISIS Selling Captured Young Girls Into Slavery

[Townhall.com] The Islamic State (IS) is determined to reestablish an Islamic Caliphate across the Middle East. And what’s more, in pursuit of their agenda, the terrorist organization has adopted “convert or die” as its mantra. The Yazidis, in particular, have been specifically and ruthlessly targeted by IS for extermination. Current figures estimate that some 500 Yazidi refugees have already been slaughtered since the crisis first began.

But the terrorist group’s propensity for barbarism is not merely exposed by their bloodlust and ideology. There have also been reports that many of these jihadists are kidnapping young girls and keeping them as sex slaves for themselves, or profiting off their innocence. Many of these reports are unsubstantiated, of course. But the anguish of one father who recently learned that his daughter will soon be sold into slavery underscores the depravity of IS and its evil tactics (via The Guardian):

–Read More…

Aug 112014
NBC’s Mitchell Scolds Claim U.S. Lacked Intelligence on ISIS: ‘The White House Wasn’t Listening’

[Newsbusters.org] Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, had some surprisingly harsh words for the Obama Administration in the wake of the militant group ISIS holding thousands of religious minorities hostage near the northern Iraq city of Irbil.

Speaking on Meet the Press on Sunday, August 10, Mitchell proclaimed that regarding Isis “there was intelligence. And to say that they were shocked by the Peshmerga on Saturday night being routed is a farce. The White House wasn’t listening.”

The segment began with Chuck Todd, NBC News Political Director, Chief White House Correspondent and host of MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown, arguing that “I’ve been trying to figure out this man’s doctrine now for six years. He doesn’t have one. He ran basically with a wink and a nod that this was going to be a George H.W. Bush type of foreign policy, stability and diplomacy first.”

–Read More…

Aug 112014
The Regime Uses Words And Phrases Designed To Bamboozle Us All

[PersonalLiberty.com] Most longtime readers know that I have often warned that our government has evolved into benevolent totalitarianism.

This is a gentle term for fascism. No, we don’t have the jack boots and the swastika. Our system is far advanced from that. Our fascism today is so advanced over Nazi Germany and fascist Italy of World War II that our system actually appears benevolent.

How could this happen? The answer is: reverse semantics. Every writer and every talking head in America refer to the U.S. as a democracy of free market capitalism and individual privacy and property rights. This is a big laugh to any sober, thinking person.

Well, the system and its paid politicians still repeat those high-sounding terms. They use the terms like “privacy” and “free market” as sedatives to the crowd. The terms “private” and “freedom” no longer mean what they once did. They are cruel deceptions that fool the mind yearning for human freedom. –Read More…

Aug 102014
 Report: Islamists Around the World Rushing to Join ISIS

[Newsmax.com] Members of al-Qaida in Yemen and Africa are leaving in large numbers to join the rival terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, The Washington Post reports.

The success of ISIS, or the Islamic State, as the group is also known, in taking over several cities in northern Iraq and eastern Syria may be behind the surge in recruitment, U.S. officials told the Post.

The United States has been making airdrops of supplies to Christian and Yazidi groups forced to flee to mountains in Iraq in fear of their lives and is prepared to strike ISIS members who threaten American interests.

On Sunday, Iraq’s human rights minister told Reuters that militants had killed at least 500 members of Iraq’s Yazidi ethnic minority during their offensive in the north. Mohammed Shia al-Sudani said the Sunni militants had also buried alive some of their victims, including women and children. Some 300 women were kidnapped as slaves, he added. –Read More…

Aug 082014
Islamic militants hold hundreds of women captive in Iraq, official says

[FoxNews.com] BAGHDAD – Hundreds of women from the Yazidi religious minority have been taken captive by Sunni militants with “vicious plans,” an Iraqi official said Friday, further underscoring the dire plight of Iraq’s minorities at the hands of the Islamic State group.

Kamil Amin, the spokesman for Iraq’s Human Rights Ministry, said hundreds of Yazidi women below the age of 35 are being held in schools in Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul. He said the ministry learned of the captives from their families.

“We think that the terrorists by now consider them slaves and they have vicious plans for them,” Amin told The Associated Press. “We think that these women are going to be used in demeaning ways by those terrorists to satisfy their animalistic urges in a way that contradicts all the human and Islamic values.”

The U.S. has confirmed that the Islamic State group has kidnapped and imprisoned Yazidi women so that they can be sold or married off to extremist fighters, said a U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the information came from classified intelligence reports. There was no solid estimate of the number of women victimized, the official said.

Aug 082014
We have now started air strikes in Iraq

[RedState.com] The first of probably many.

U.S. jet fighters hit artillery being used by the militant group called the Islamic State in northern Iraq on Friday, the first of what is expected to be a series of American strikes meant to halt the Sunni extremist advance on the Kurdish capital of Erbil, the Pentagon said.

The U.S. F/A-18 jet fighters dropped 500 pound laser-guided bombs on mobile-artillery positions outside Erbil, said Pentagon press secretary, Rear. Adm. John Kirby.

–Read More…

Aug 072014
CDC director: Scale of Ebola crisis unprecedented

[OneNewsNow.com] Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told a congressional hearing that the outbreak is unprecedented in part because it’s in a region of Africa that never has dealt with Ebola before. He said the outbreak’s two main drivers are lax infection control during patient care and risky burial practices.

The outbreak can be stopped with tried-and-true public health measures, Frieden said, but it will be laborious. Any case missed or exposed person lost to follow-up could keep the outbreak going.

“If you leave behind even a single burning ember, it’s like a forest fire,” he said. “It flares back up.”

–Read More…

Aug 072014
Obama: I'll 'Seize' Opportunity to Use Executive Powers

[Newsmax.com] President Barack Obama has defended his use of executive action despite intense criticism, and said he intends to seize every opportunity to use it going forward on a range of issues he believes congressional Republicans are obstructing.

During a wide-ranging press conference Wednesday, the president signaled he would take more action on issues such as tax reform and immigration, and vowed to “scour our authorities” seeking opportunities to act “wherever I have the legal authorities to make progress,” The Hill reported.

“The American people don’t want me standing around twiddling my thumbs waiting for Congress to do something,” he added.

The president did however acknowledge he does not have a “green light” to unilaterally act on his political agenda, and that the administration was “going to make sure every time we take one of these steps we are working within the confines of my executive power.” –Read More…

Aug 052014
Experimental drug likely saved Ebola patients

[CNN.com] On Thursday, Dr. Kent Brantly thought he was going to die.

It was the ninth day since the American missionary worker came down sick with Ebola in Liberia. His condition worsening by the minute, Brantly called his wife to say goodbye.

Thankfully, the call was premature. Brantly is back on his feet — literally — after receiving a last-ditch, highly experimental drug. Another American missionary with Ebola got the same.

Brantly’s and Nancy Writebol’s conditions significantly improved after receiving the medication, sources say. Brantly was able to walk into Emory University Hospital in Atlanta after being evacuated to the United States last week, and Writebol is expected to arrive in Atlanta on Tuesday. –Read More…

Aug 052014
How Obama armed the Islamic caliphate

[WND.com] Jihadists in Benghazi are declaring themselves part of an Islamic caliphate just days after tribal warfare forced American diplomatic personnel out of Libya over fears for their safety.

As WND reported Monday, in a repudiation of the premise advanced by President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the “Arab Spring” was a democracy movement, Libya has descended into lawless chaos in which various terrorist militia, including al-Qaida, vie for power.

With most of the world focused on foreign crises like the Israel-Hamas conflict and the Russian influence in Ukraine, the State Department quietly announced the withdrawal of U.S. Embassy staff on July 26.

Barely a week later, the fate of the war-torn country appears even more bleak. –Read More…

Aug 042014
$7,060,259,674,497.51--Federal Debt Up $7 Trillion Under Obama

[CNSNews.com] – The total federal debt of the U.S. government has now increased more than $7 trillion during the slightly more than five and a half years Barack Obama has been president.

That is more than the debt increased under all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined, and it is more debt than was accumulated in the first 227 years of this nation’s existence–from 1776 through 2003.

The total federal debt first passed the $7-trillion mark on Jan. 15, 2004, after President George W. Bush had been in office almost three years.

–Read More…

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